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Leading the Way in Sustainable Energy Solutions
Release time:2023-11-30

UNIPASSION is a subsidiary of the Coxon Group, headquartered in Zhongli Taiwan, a forefront provider of sustainable energy solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Established in 1989, Coxon was publicly listed in 2008, growing with a presence in up to 80 countries. The company has worked extensively with Sony, Samsung, Nissan, Toyota, Canon, Apple, Fujitsu, Kyocera, Sharp, and Panasonic. With expansion into South Africa, UNIPASSION’s vision is to bring high-end technologies to South African commercial and industrial businesses and households to alleviate the present energy crisis.


Created in 2008 by a former Panasonic research and development team and with operations, installations and projects, globally, UNIPASSION is dedicated to empowering homes and businesses, both commercial and industrial, illuminating lives, and providing sustainable energy solutions for households globally.


With strengths in product design, research and development, as well as project management, we provide customers with comprehensive product services. Our main product and service offerings are Medical Instruments, Automation and Battery Equipment, Energy Storage Systems / Solar Systems and Lighting Solutions.


Our product portfolio includes communication devices, automotive components, batteries, medical devices, optical products, and eco- friendly materials. In order to enhance our manufacturing and development capabilities, the group consistently invests state-of- the-art precision equipment to ensure our exceptional technological expertise and quality advantage.


Our core philosophy revolves around being at the forefront of technology and placing utmost importance on product quality. We are a global leader in providing sustainable energy solutions.

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